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Rye Salted Croutons, Salami, Kirieshki, 40g/ 1.41oz
Rye Salted Croutons, Salami, Kirieshki, 40g/ 1.41oz
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Rye Salted Croutons, Salami, Kirieshki, 40g/ 1.41oz
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Rye Salted Croutons, Salami, Kirieshki, 40g/ 1.41oz

Brand: KDV Group
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Nutritional value per 100g:
10 proteins
10 fats
64 carbohydrates
390 kcal
Rye-wheat crackers with salami flavor.
Freshly baked bread is used for "Kirieshek".
Crackers are produced without deep-frying. Modern technology preserves the beneficial properties of cereals and provides crackers with an unforgettable taste.
Crunchy crackers are a nutritious snack for a snack and an excellent snack for foamy drinks.
But they can also be used in cooking!
– Crackers will give flavor and aesthetic completeness to a variety of soups-puree: pumpkin, mushroom, cheese, cauliflower soup and many others.
– If you mix red canned beans with diced pickles, grated cheese, finely chopped herbs and crackers, you will get a hearty and appetizing salad.
Store at a temperature not higher than 20 C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%.
rye flour, wheat flour, drinking water, vegetable oil, flavor (wheat flour, salt, glucose, maltodextrin, smoky flavor, flavoring substances, natural flavoring substances, flavor enhancers (E621, E627, E631); hydrolyzed protein, sucrose, paprika extract dye; acidity regulator E330; spices, E150d dye); salt, baking yeast. Contains soy protein. May contain traces of crustaceans, fish, milk, celery, mustard.

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