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Flaxseed Flour, Eleo, 150g/ 5.29oz
Flaxseed Flour, Eleo, 150g/ 5.29oz
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Flaxseed Flour, Eleo, 150g/ 5.29oz
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Flaxseed Flour, Eleo, 150g/ 5.29oz

Brand: Specialist


Flax flour from the company "Specialist" is a natural dietary product rich in valuable vegetable protein and fiber, a source of vitamins and trace elements.
Flaxseed flour contains:
- about 30% vegetable fiber, which has a positive effect on digestion and helps to cleanse the body;
- Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids that improve metabolism and lower cholesterol;
- about 50% vegetable protein, while the amino acid composition of flax seed protein is similar to that of soy protein;
- vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system,
- antioxidants (lignans);
- trace elements;
- folic acid.
Special sealed packaging of flax flour from the company "Specialist" protects the product from oxidation, prolongs the shelf life and preserves the properties of useful substances.
Flax seeds are crushed, partially fat-free. It does not contain preservatives, dyes and flavors.
Use in cooking. Added to the composition of any dish, flaxseed flour will increase its nutritional value, enrich it with vitamins and trace elements, and balance its amino acid composition. Baking with the addition of flaxseed flour acquires a pleasant golden hue, as well as a unique taste and aroma. In addition, flaxseed flour, due to its moisture-absorbing properties, increases the freshness of products, so baking with the addition of flaxseed flour does not stale for a long time. It is ideal for cooking lean dishes and can successfully replace eggs in the dough.
Add to soups, minced meat, sauces, casseroles. Use as breading for cutlets and meatballs. Add flaxseed flour when cooking oatmeal, semolina, pumpkin, rice porridge. Avoid prolonged temperature treatment.Make fruit, vegetable smoothies and smoothies.
Use in cosmetology. Flaxseed flour is widely used in various cosmetic masks.Such procedures give the skin elasticity, improve blood circulation, and cleanse the pores.

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