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Cherry Jelly Dessert, Preston, 50g/ 1.76oz
Cherry Jelly Dessert, Preston, 50g/ 1.76oz
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Cherry Jelly Dessert, Preston, 50g/ 1.76oz

Brand: Arikon


200g of dessert!
Jelly “Preston” is a great opportunity to quickly prepare a delicious and healthy dessert.
Jelly does not contain artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, is a completely natural product.
Cherry jelly tastes like cherry jam, only more tender, with a very pleasant sweet and sour aftertaste and the aroma of fresh cherries. This dessert has many advantages: firstly, it is very easy to cook it, it takes much less time than to prepare a full-fledged jelly from berries. Secondly, gelatin is a source of collagen, especially valuable for women. If you add to this an incredible taste and aroma with a minimum of calories, the result is an ideal dish.
Cooking dessert is very easy and simple:
1. Pour the contents of the package into 200 ml of boiling water, mix thoroughly until completely dissolved.
2. Pour into prepared molds and refrigerate until completely solidified.
To put the jelly out of the mold, it is necessary to lower the mold into hot water for a few seconds.
Enjoy your meal!
Ingredients: sugar, gelatin, acidity regulator (citric acid), natural flavor, natural carmine dye.
Nutritional value 100g:
Proteins 9 g
Carbohydrates 88 g
Energy value per 390 kcal

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