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Black Currant Pureed with Sugar, Delcom, 550g / 19.4oz
Black Currant Pureed with Sugar, Delcom, 550g / 19.4oz
$ 8.99
Black Currant Pureed with Sugar, Delcom, 550g / 19.4oz
SKU: 200521

Black Currant Pureed with Sugar, Delcom, 550g / 19.4oz

Brand: DelCom


Black currant, mashed with sugar, is a delicious and healthy product. The benefits of such currants are due to the presence of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in it, which are preserved during the cooking process. It is a good source of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and helps fight infections, and also contains vitamin A, vitamin K and various minerals such as iron, magnesium and potassium.
Black currant is also rich in antioxidants, which help neutralize free radicals in the body and prevent the development of various diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Due to the fiber content, currant helps to improve digestion and supports a healthy intestinal microflora.
How to eat currants mashed with sugar? Basically, it is eaten as a dessert or added to various dishes, for example, porridge, yogurt, cottage cheese, pastries, ice cream and other desserts. You can also use currants as a topping for pancakes or pancakes, add to tea or use in the preparation of smoothies and cocktails.

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I liked other brand better. This one is too sugary and mashy to my taste. I prefer whole berries instead of jam.

One of the best I’ve tried here. There are some whole berries in there which I love. Not as good as mama’s, but over all pretty delicious. I would buy again. Also very fast shipping. Thank you.

i dont even know how to write a review for this product because its so important to myself and my family. we are from Riga, and this is practically the national fruit of is used both as food and as medicine-if you have a fever, or congestion, or blood pressure, this is the berry that you would turn to. Also, it is the breakfast of one anywhere should ever eat french toast or pancakes without this fruit on it!
Also, for some strange reason, Americans seem to not know what it is, and thus, it is not sold anywhere! Well, i imagines Russian Shop Would have it, because we Europeans are all intelligent people, and we know the value of these berries, so Russian Shop sells at least four different varieties of Black Currant jams and preserves, but this one, in my opinion, is the absolute best, because it is just pure, clean, plain whole berries and some sugar.
Very well balanced, just sweet enough, not too sweet like american jams are, and it doesent even taste like a preserve, it tastes like a mouth full of fresh berries! it is wonderful, we love it, we always will put multiple jars in the shopping cart, and it goes very fast in my house! a few breakfasts, and it's all gone!
i think i could buy ten jars and we would still need more! no need for any gross pancake and waffle syrups in this house! it's black currants from Russian Shop all the way! also, for colds and sorew throats, just put two teaspoons in a 200 ml glass, add boiling water, abd drink!
Do you enjoy healthy yogurts! take some PLAIN yogurt, add one teaspoon of these black currants to your portion, mix well, and it becomes the best yogurt you have ever had in your LIFE! Bon Appetit! we highly recommend this specific one!

Вкуснятина! Очень понравилось! Свежее и очень ароматное! Ещё хочу сказать огромное спасибо работникам магазина за очень качественную доставку и упаковку товаров!

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