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Pork Khinkali (Frozen) 680 g
Pork Khinkali (Frozen) 680 g

Manhattan & Bronx delivery

Pork Khinkali (Frozen) 680 g
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Pork Khinkali (Frozen) 680 g


Manhattan & Bronx delivery


Khinkali (or Hinkali) is a traditional Georgian dumpling.
Larger than a ravioli, the dumpling is made with minced meat that's been combined with fresh herbs like parsley and cilantro, and authentic spices like onion, chili pepper, salt and cumin.
Khinkali are usually boiled to fully cook the meat and trap the flavorful juices inside the dumpling. The first bite releases the deliciousness of the broth and paves the way for an unforgettably tasty khinkali experience.

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