Mini Dry-Bagel with Poppy Seeds, 0.4 lb/180g
Mini Dry-Bagel with Poppy Seeds, 0.4 lb/180g
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Mini Dry-Bagel with Poppy Seeds, 0.4 lb/180g
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Mini Dry-Bagel with Poppy Seeds, 0.4 lb/180g

Ingredients: first-grade wheat flour, drinking water, poppy seeds, special-purpose fat (refined deodorized vegetable oils), salt, sugar, pressed baking yeast, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.
  • Proteins, g / 100 g 9.5
  • Fat, g / 100 g 5.5
  • Carbohydrates, g / 100 g 53.0
  • Energy value, kcal/100 g 310
The history of dry-bagel is quite interesting.
In ancient Russia, one of the ways of preservation was drying vegetables and fruits.
In fact, the products were dried, prepared for the winter.
It is known that the dry-bagel often cooked for the soldiers, sailors and travelers.

The dough used for dry-bagel was significantly different from the one used for making bagels and mutton.
Every pastry chef and baker knows that a perfectly prepared dry-bagel should break into four parts when pressed.
The secret of such crumbly and delicious dry-bagel lies in the low-acid dough, which should be sweet and quite steep.
The dough, prepared according to the classic recipe for dry-bagel, contains 20% sugar.
These listed features of the dough allow you to increase the shelf life of the bakery product up to three months.
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Really tiny, and so cute. Not sweet - I'd say they have no sugar at all. I prefer sushki that are a little bit sweet, but these are nice too, just different.

Сушки очень понравились моему двухлетке (ну и мне тоже), для него и покупала.

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