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Salmon Caviar Easy Open, 4.94 oz / 140 g
Salmon Caviar Easy Open, 4.94 oz / 140 g
$ 29.99
SKU: 200094

Salmon Caviar Easy Open, 4.94 oz / 140 g

Brand: Awers


Salmon Caviar is premium quality salmon roe vacuum-packed in a metal can containing 140 grams of foodstuff. The variety of similar products on offer is really amazing. Not to be lost in this abundance we provide you with some hints essential while choosing the caviar notable by a magnificent taste and gentle texture.

First of all we recommend buying caviar in specialized stores or big supermarkets. You must avoid visiting shops with doubtful reputation not to be disappointed by the purchased marine product. Special attention should be paid to the expiration date, because only fresh products guarantee the pleasure and benefits of consuming. Buying caviar in glass jars is worth advising as the content can be easily seen. The eggs should be whole, intact, of red or orange colour. The premium quality must be homogeneous without white precipitate, broken eggs or blood clots.

Salmon Caviar is among the products that meet these demands. It will for sure ornament your table and make it more festive. It is also the best solution if you want to impress your relatives and friends by treating them like royalty. Red caviar can be served as a separate dish, usually an appetizer, or a garnish to main courses.

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Очень вкусная икра, свежая, в меру соленая. Цена ужасает. Абсолютно неоправданно высокая! В банке всего 140 грамм.

Не свежая

It’s so tasty.I was enjoying this morning. Highly recommend it

Tasty! For this price- perfect!

Редкое дерьмо. Отвратная икра вызивающая ужасную изжогу. Викунули все банки к чертям собачим. Гадость поганая!

Икра мелковата и на мой вкус - соленовата...

Очень вкусно. Спасибо за доставку!

Tasty, I was enjoying it this morning for breakfast. Highly recommend!

For the price - excellent caviar, both taste and size wise. For the picky gourmets, there are much higher quality options here on RFDUSA, just pay the price. This caviar works for all your special occasions, including why not have some of this right now.

На вкус хороша,но размер мелковат.

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