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Dogwood Kizil Preserve, Te Gusto, 430g/ 0.95 lb
Dogwood Kizil Preserve, Te Gusto, 430g/ 0.95 lb
$ 7.99
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Dogwood Kizil Preserve, Te Gusto, 430g/ 0.95 lb

Brand: Te Gusto


No additives or GMOs
Got a cold-eat dogwood!
The benefit of dogwood jam with seeds is a high content of pectin, which helps to remove harmful toxins from the body.
Since the bones are less susceptible to loss of useful qualities during heat treatment, this delicacy will bring maximum benefit.
Not just a bright, flavorful and rich dessert, but also a great tool that will save you from colds.
Dogwood jam is a real natural "pharmacy", as it can have a complex therapeutic effect on the entire human body, because ruby berries are a storehouse of important vitamins and minerals that help a person survive the winter period without exhausting colds.
This berry not only has a lot of medicinal properties due to the high content of vitamin C and pectin in its composition, but also has a peculiar taste "with character" with a currant sourness and light astringency.
And for avid "coffee lovers" dogwood jam will be an excellent and useful alternative to an invigorating drink due to its high tonic and energy properties.

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