Cedar Oil Natural Eco Tasty Vitamin Vegan Health, Organic Altay, 17 fl oz / 500 ml

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Cedar Oil Natural Eco Tasty Vitamin Vegan Health Description

⭐️HELPFUL. Cedar oil is a real natural storehouse of useful biologically active substances. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, phosphatides, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 (PP), E, D, lecithin, essential oils, amino acids, and many different minerals. Vitamin F (a complex of unsaturated fatty acids) in cedar oil is 3 times more than in fish oil (about 94.8%). Due to its composition, the product allows you to improve the state of immunity.

⭐️HEALTH. Due to its unique composition, cedar oil is widely used in the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases. Vitamins F and E contained in cedar oil help increase vascular elasticity, lower cholesterol and blood viscosity. Magnesium also normalizes blood pressure and exerts an anti-sclerotic effect, the content of which makes pine nut oil superior to most foods. The nutrients contained in the oil have an extremely positive effect on the digestive system and help get rid of toxins.

⭐️BEAUTY. If you lubricate the nail plate with cedar oil, it will become stronger and nail growth will accelerate. Now you do not need extensions or artificial nails for a beautiful manicure, as you will have your own healthy, long and strong nails! When lubricating, the cuticle softens, so you need a manicure much less often. Among the many beneficial properties of pine nut oil, there is a whole separate direction. A long time ago natural oil has helped with various diseases and skin lesions.

⭐️COOKING. Use cedar oil in cooking. Cedar oil has always been considered a delicacy. It gives a piquant taste and delicate nutty aroma to vegetable salads, cold and hot appetizers. Even sweet cereal goes well with cedar oil. At the same time, you can save on sugar, because the oil itself will add its own unique sweetness. But remember that you can not heat the oil, as this product loses its unique healing properties when heated. Cedar oil will improve and ennoble the taste of many dishes.

⭐️PREGNANCY. Cedar oil helps prevent stretch marks, making the skin supple and supple. It will help maintain the strength and healthy condition of hair and nails, often weakened during pregnancy. It’s no secret to anyone that when a baby is born, the woman’s immunity weakens significantly, and therefore the likelihood of getting a cold increase significantly. Cedar oil will help to activate the body's defenses and protect against the development of various diseases.

Cedar oil is the most environmentally friendly of all known vegetable oils, surpassing most healthy products in terms of nutritional value, taste, vitamin, and microelement composition. Pine nut oil has an excellent taste, is easily absorbed by the human body, caloric value is not inferior to animal fats - and therefore can be successfully used as a nutritious food in vegetarian cuisine. The best pine nut oil is considered to be Siberian cedar oil, the composition of which is somewhat more effective than that obtained from other types of this tree. This is one of the original Russian vegetable oils, the unique characteristics of which determine its special status in aromatherapy. It has long been considered a real delicacy, its presence on the table and its use in cooking was an indicator of the status and well-being of the family. Cedar oil was equated with magical elixirs, transforming the condition of the skin and hair, prolonging youth and beauty, bearing deliverance from ailments and diseases, helping to recover from heavy losses and diseases. This oil has a wide range of healing properties, which are much more pronounced than cosmetic ones. It is believed that in medical terms it surpasses and fully replaces any, even the rarest, vegetable oil. Pine nuts are not only tasty but also extremely healthy. Its cores contain more protein than meat, and it is absorbed, unlike animal protein, completely. In addition to protein, pine nuts contain most of the amino acids, trace elements and minerals our body needs. Valuable cedar oil is produced from the kernel of pine nuts. This product slows down the aging process, promotes the transfer of full-fledged heredity, strengthens health, reduces blood cholesterol, helps in the treatment of colds, flu, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, trophic ulcers, stomach ulcers, allergic disorders, eliminates chronic fatigue syndrome, increases mental and physical performance.
Cedar Oil Natural Eco Tasty Vitamin Vegan Health, Organic Altay, 17 fl oz / 500 ml Cedar Oil Natural Eco Tasty Vitamin Vegan Health, Organic Altay, 17 fl oz / 500 ml
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