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Taragon Soda, 11.15 oz / 330 ml
Taragon Soda, 11.15 oz / 330 ml

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Taragon Soda, 11.15 oz / 330 ml
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Taragon Soda, 11.15 oz / 330 ml


Manhattan & Bronx delivery


The traditional technology of Tarragon Soda was developed in the early 1970-s. The principle ingredient of this drink is the extract of tarragon. This surprising herb came from Mongolia and south regions of Siberia. In the course of time it became widespread among different civilizations because of numerous beneficial properties of tarragon. From ancient times it was extensively used in most diverse purposes especially in those of medicine. It is also was famous as a useful spice or condiment. For the purposes of beverage industry tarragon was first applied in 1990 in the Georgian town of Kutaisi. On-site was founded the first factory engaged in the production of tarragon-based syrups.

The modern carbonated beverage Tarragon has many of the beneficial properties of the herb above-mentioned. It contains important vitamins C and carotene as well as alkaloids and volatile oil. Tarragon improves the appetite, contributes to good digestion, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and relieves insomnia.

Our supermarket introduce you the authentic flavor of Tarragon tasting the same way it did in Soviet period!

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