Salami "Parmesano", 0.5 lb

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Salami "Parmesano", 0.5 lb

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Like the name suggests, salami Parmesano is covered in Italian parmesan cheese.
Made with traditional European recipes, this salami is made with pork meat and spices and is air-dried for optimum flavor.

Salami Parmesano is a unique gastronomic product that combines the optimal amount of perfectly balanced seasonings: nutmeg, black, fragrant and red pepper and ginger root and a mixture of beef, pork and solid Parmesan cheese. 
The successful combination of spices and parmesan gives this species of salami unsurpassed taste and aroma and this is not surprising, given the large number of admirers of this product all over the world.
Salami Parmesano in cooking is often used as a separate dish, but sometimes it serves as one of the components when preparing other dishes. 
The origin of this species of salami is not known, but many sources say that most likely, its homeland - Germany. 
It is the German tradition of sausage making -  is the basis of Salami Parmesano. 
In order to taste this gastronomic masterpiece, now you do not need to travel long distances.
It is available to everyone,! Тhe packaging is very comfortable, strong, not prone to rupture, which makes this product even more attractive for connoisseurs of quality sausage.
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