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Signature Dry Salami Moskovskaya Loops, 10oz/ 280g
Signature Dry Salami Moskovskaya Loops, 10oz/ 280g
$ 19.99
Signature Dry Salami Moskovskaya Loops, 10oz/ 280g
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Signature Dry Salami Moskovskaya Loops, 10oz/ 280g

Brand: Alef


Classic dry salami, Moskovskaya is made with prime quality beef meat and infused with cardamom aroma.
Dry salami speckled with just the right amount of fat and gently laced with maple wood smoke for a delicate and juicy taste.

A meat product of the highest class.
Classic smoked salami of the highest grade. It is produced strictly according to approved recipe using top-class beef. 
Salami has a noble classic taste with the aroma of nutmeg and smoked.
Salami is made using traditional technology from aged and matured beef of the highest grade with the addition of shredded bacon.
On the slice pieces of the spike create a beautiful saturated picture.
Spicy notes of nutmeg and black pepper give the sausage exquisite taste and aroma.
The benefits of the product
Traditional, long-familiar taste.
Ingredients: beef,  bacon, salt, sugar, black pepper, nutmeg or spice mixture.


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Very tasty

This Cold Smoked Salami "Moscovskaya" is my favorite from the childhood, it's very pleasant and tasty. I recommend it. Thank you

Great product, taste is unbelievable

hard, salty, and good smoked flavor. very fresh, will order again

good quality

Very good

Very good and tasty

This Moskovskaya salami is perfect, if you know what it is. Different from other salamis, so you have to love it to appreciate it. Meaty, almost gamey.

This is truly one of my all time favorites. This Moscovskaya Cold Smoked Salami has so much flavor. It is great served on Russian bread with quail egg mayo and Havarti or just by itself wrapped in Havarti. Great served with a shot of good Russian vodka! It is very yummy!

stronger, saltier taste than ideal

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