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Authentic Beef Dry Salami, Alef, 4oz / 113g
Authentic Beef Dry Salami, Alef, 4oz / 113g
$ 9.99
Authentic Beef Dry Salami, Alef, 4oz / 113g
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Authentic Beef Dry Salami, Alef, 4oz / 113g

Brand: Alef


Salami - a product that is in great demand today.
Many lovers of meat products, having made only once such a purchase, are sure to return for it again.
Salami is made from beef with the addition of various spices and garlic.
The mixture is aged the required time until full maturation, after which it undergoes the procedure of smoking.
The result is a high-quality product with exquisite taste.
This unique product is made exclusively from top-grade beef.
This explains its original taste, characteristic only of beef meat.
Beef fat in this sausage replaces the usual for the consumer pork bacon.
The cubes of fat in the mince are very small (about two or three millimeters). They give the incision a very interesting picture.
Seasoned sausage with garlic, mustard and pepper.
From other meat products it differs spicy sharpness.
When making a sausage added a little brandy, which gives the product a rich taste and flavor.

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Delicious ate it very quickly just great

Real taste of the perfect quality :-)

Perfect portion.
Great taste.
Nice delivery.

I appreciated that the salami came in an insulated package with the "ice packs" inside - of course, they thawed on the way to Florida, but the content felt cold, so the small freeze bags worked to keep it cold. We are not Jewish, but we love this salami because it's very lean, no fat.

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