Zefir Marshmallow La Neige with Creme Brulee, 14.81 oz / 420 g

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Zefir Marshmallow La Neige with Creme Brulee Description

Zefir is a much healthier sweet than candies and cakes, as it includes only polysaccharide, which improves the brain activity, increases immunity and lowers cholesterol. The polysaccharides contained in the marshmallow strengthen the balance of body, normalize blood pressure. Zefir contains the following vitamins: vitamin PP and B2.
The main component in marshmallow is agar-agar. It has a lot of iodine, calcium and iron, which improve the functioning of the liver. Marshmallow has a pleasant aroma, its taste is often sweet, or sweet and sour. Sometimes additional flavours can be added to it, such as vanilla, strawberry, coffee and caramel flavours. 
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