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Smoked Sausage
Smoked Sausage "Krestyanskaya", Gaiser, 450g/ 15.87oz
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Smoked Sausage
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Smoked Sausage "Krestyanskaya", Gaiser, 450g/ 15.87oz

Brand: Gaiser's
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Smoked sausage “Krestyanskaya" is a high-quality meat product made from natural ingredients.
The composition includes pork and beef, which gives the sausage juiciness and a unique taste.
Due to smoking on beech chips, the sausage acquires an appetizing aroma and a beautiful golden brown shade.
The Peasant sausage has a dense but delicate texture, is easily sliced and is perfect for cooking various dishes.
It goes perfectly with cheese, fresh vegetables and herbs, and will also be a great addition to the festive table.
Enjoy the taste of real smoked sausage and give yourself and your loved ones a real gastronomic pleasure!

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