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Classic cod caviar, 130 gr
Classic cod caviar, 130 gr
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Classic cod caviar, 130 gr
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Classic cod caviar, 130 gr

Brand: Russian sea


Classic cod caviar is considered a delicacy and is served at many celebrations and receptions.
Due to its rich mineral composition, it is not inferior to the usefulness of red or black caviar. Its a nice fish taste and aroma are the perfect complement to salads and snacks.
The product can be used as a spread on bread or baguette.

The product is ready for use.
Packed under vacuum.

Ingredients: cod ROE, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, preservatives: potassium sorbate.

Nutritional value per 100g: proteins 19g, fats 10g, Vitamins: B1 0.45 mg, B2 0.44 mg.
Energy value: 170kcal/710 kJ.
Store at temperatures from -3'C to +6'c.
After opening, store the product at a temperature of -3'C to +6'c.
Shelf life is 6 months.

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