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Seasoning "For Cutlets & Cabbage Rolls", Royal Seasonings, 25g/ 0.88oz
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Seasoning "For Cutlets & Cabbage Rolls", Royal Seasonings, 25g/ 0.88oz



The seasoning for cutlets and cabbage rolls is a specially prepared mixture of spices, spices and dried vegetables that give an expressive taste and rich aroma to dishes. The right composition of the seasoning makes the dish juicy, fragrant and emphasizes its original taste. Juicy, spicy and fragrant meat is obtained thanks to basil, pepper, garlic, mustard. By adding a little seasoning to the minced meat, you will not only give it a peculiar flavor, but also bring significant benefits to the body, enrich it with vitamins and minerals.
Ingredients: Sea salt, dried onion, dried garlic, ground red paprika, leek, dried basil, ground black pepper, yeast extract, smoked ground paprika, mustard powder, ground turmeric.
Add to the minced meat for cooking cutlets, cabbage rolls or stuffed peppers.
Nutritional value:
Carbohydrates (g/100g) 26.0
Fats (g/100g)2.0
Proteins (g/100g)9,0
Energy value (kcal/100g)160

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