Bread Borodinsky (Frozen), 12.35 oz / 350 g

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Bread Borodinsky (Frozen) Description

Besides rye flour, wheat flour, salt, sugar, yeast, coriander and rye malt are used in production of Borodinskiy bread.  It is the latter ingredients that give the bread an unusual sweet and spicy taste.
Due to the presence of yeast in its composition, Borodinskiy Bread is rich in vitamin B, benefits of which cannot be overestimated. It is important for a balanced nervous system, maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood, and providing the body with the necessary strength and energy.
As Borodinskiy bread is a source of complex carbohydrates, it is advised to consume it in moderation during the diet, replacing wheat and pastry with it. Fiber, which is part of the product, improves intestinal peristalsis, thereby eliminating body of constipation and normalizing the state of the microflora. Also fiber acts as a "sponge", which absorbs harmful substances and excretes them.
Doctors recommend to consume this type of bread with hypertension and gout.
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Very good bread!
Tasty little devils :-)
Не очень похож на настоящий бородинский хлеб!
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Вкусно но дорого.
Достаточно вкусно