Organic Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Light Sunflower Oil, 8.45 oz / 250 ml

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Organic Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Light Sunflower Oil Description

Sunflower oil is prepared according to traditional technology by cold pressing of selected seeds of sunflower. It has a pronounced flavor and aroma that perfectly accentuate the taste of traditional dishes.

For centuries, sunflower seeds were used as plant healing means, strengthening health due to the content of vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients. Vitamin E in sunflower oil slows the aging of cells due to the powerful antioxidant properties. Regular consumption of vitamin E helps improve memory, fight aging of body cells, build strong nervous system. Essential fatty acids in kernels of sunflower, or "good fats," also play a role in providing optimal cardiovascular health.

Linoleic acid strengthens the immune defenses. And vitamins A and D are needed to maintain normal vision, good condition of bones and skin.

Vitamin D has a positive impact on calcium absorption. It also stimulates and proper metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the intestines and the entire digestive system in general.

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