Ivan Tea
Trading House "Russian Tea" is a group of producers united by the desire to revive the production of Russian tea, to return it to its former fame and popularity in Russia and abroad.
Trading House "Russian Tea" is a full-cycle Russian tea producer.
We have our own procurement network of plant materials in various regions of Russia and production complexes, the number of which is increasing with each new season.
We sell Ivan tea fermented with large-leaf and small-leaf tea, as well as in blends with
Russian berries and herbs, both retail and small and large wholesale.
Since its foundation, the Vologda Ivan-tea company has set itself the task of doing
exclusively natural, high-quality, tasty and healthy product.
Advantages of our products
Ivan tea is a new, rapidly growing natural product for modern man.
As the saying goes, the new is the well-forgotten old.
Before the revolution, Ivan Chai was a fully Russian national drink.
  • All products are manufactured and packaged on their own equipment.
  • Variety of blends with berries and herbs.
  • We can make individual blends at the request of the customer.
  • Variety of assortment: Ivan tea of ​​large-leaf and small-leaf tea, Ivan tea in Filter bags and pyramids, including filter bags for a teapot

Ivan Tea

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