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Natural Herbal Tea
Natural Herbal Tea "Morning Energy", Herbarica, 20 pyramids, 40g
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Natural Herbal Tea
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Natural Herbal Tea "Morning Energy", Herbarica, 20 pyramids, 40g



Fragrant, sweet, fresh! Major accord of honey-floral, transparent and slightly smoky smells with a slight coolness and lemon-currant sourness in the aftertaste.
Natural and healthy product with a wonderful taste, unique aroma and special healing properties.
Herbal tea "Herbarica Morning Energy" (Morning energy) gives great benefits to the body. Currant leaves and berries, rosehip fruits increase immunity, activate the body's defense systems, and are sources of vitamin C.
Strawberry leaves and lemongrass stimulate the digestive system, contributing to faster assimilation of substances useful for the body.
Sagan-dailya is a storehouse of vitamins and elements that perfectly cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.
Rhodiola rosea successfully fights fatigue, increases efficiency, enhances productivity.
Herbarica Morning Enerdy is especially useful in the cold season and after intense physical exertion.
Vitamin C contained in the composition of the drink strengthens the body.
Herbarica herbal tea does not contain caffeine, dyes and artificial flavors. 100% natural ingredients. Quality control is provided by the food production safety system FSSC according to the international standard ISO 22000. Tea is suitable for adults and for children (from 3 years old).
Method: Add 250 ml of hot water to 1 pyramid of Herbarica herbal tea. Wait 7-10 minutes. 

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