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Chaga Tea Drink with Rosehip & Ivan Tea
Chaga Tea Drink with Rosehip & Ivan Tea "Wild Power" Filter Bags, 100*1.5g/ 5.29oz
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Chaga Tea Drink with Rosehip & Ivan Tea
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Chaga Tea Drink with Rosehip & Ivan Tea "Wild Power" Filter Bags, 100*1.5g/ 5.29oz

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100 filter bags - a large stock for a big tea party at a bargain price! Chaga tea "Wild Power" is a triple barrier against colds, a natural defender of good health! Natural eco-friendly product, without dyes and flavors.
We have recreated the technology of making tea from chaga. For the "Wild Power" this birch mushroom is harvested in the northern and taiga forests by hand, carefully dried in Russian ovens, has preserved all the useful properties and an unusual strong forest taste! All the benefits of birch sap and sunlight are in the powerful natural source of antioxidants chaga-Wild Power tea.
Scientists have confirmed the medicinal properties of melanins contained in chaga, the pronounced protective effect of which is suppressed by all the scientists studied in the work!
Chaga activates metabolic processes, stimulates the work of body systems, accelerates tissue regeneration, enhances protection from adverse external influences. It is a powerful absorbent that cleanses the body of toxins.
Rosehip is a real "health factory"! Dried, it has a unique property: to preserve in such a necessary vitamin C.
Wild rose berries have six times more ascorbic acid than currants, and twenty times more than lemon! In addition to vitamins A, E, K, P, B, rosehip contains many valuable components — polysaccharides, iron, magnesium, calcium, pectin, phytoncides, which provide protection, maintain liver health and restore it, increase endurance of the heart muscle, normalize insulin production in diabetes, make blood vessels elastic, restore the balance of hormones and give a healthy look to hair and nails.
Ivan-tea (fermented narrow-leaved cypress) is a healing wild plant with a floral-honey bouquet of taste — normalizes digestion and strengthens the immune system, has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, restores sleep, stabilizes the nervous system.
Wild Power chaga tea is packed in filter bags, which facilitates the brewing process, making it quick and pleasant.
Method: Pour 1-2 tea bags 250 ml of hot water 100 ° C. Wait 7-10 minutes so the tea gains flavor. Have a good and healthy tea party!

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