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Instant Noodles with Veal, Doshirak, 90g/ 3.17oz
Instant Noodles with Veal, Doshirak, 90g/ 3.17oz
$ 3.99
Instant Noodles with Veal, Doshirak, 90g/ 3.17oz
SKU: 315411

Instant Noodles with Veal, Doshirak, 90g/ 3.17oz

Brand: Doshirak


A real salvation if you need to eat quickly and deliciously. The product is manufactured in compliance with strict quality control at all stages of production. The packaging performs the function of a plate, and a disposable fork is also included, which is very convenient, since it allows you to have lunch anywhere, without thinking about where to get the dishes. To get a full-fledged nutritious dish, it is enough to pour the contents with boiling water, pour out the broth seasoning, mix and leave under the lid for 3-5 minutes.
Nutritional value of 100g:
7 proteins
18 fats
63 carbohydrates
440 kcal
Wheat flour, vegetable oil, food additive thickener (acetylated starch), salt, food additive emulsifier "K-300A" (soybean oil, lecithins), gluten, complex food additive stabilizer "premix" (potassium carbonate, guar gum, sodium polyphosphate), seasonings mixed (sugar, extract yeast, vegetable protein, onion, soy sauce powder), dried kelp (powder), dried onion. Broth-seasoning: broth base (red pepper, soy sauce, whey, maltodextrin, vegetable broth powder, garlic, soy paste, chicken broth powder, red pepper oil, black pepper, chicken flavor, paprika extract), salt, flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), sugar, glucose. Seasoning of dried vegetables: soy texture, carrots, onions, dried seaweed (flakes). The product contains gluten, milk processing products, soy and its processed products.

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