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Baikal Soda, Chernogolovka, 33.81 oz / 2L
Baikal Soda, Chernogolovka, 33.81 oz / 2L
$ 6.99
Baikal Soda, Chernogolovka, 33.81 oz / 2L
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Baikal Soda, Chernogolovka, 33.81 oz / 2L



Ingredients: artesian water, sugar, extracts of Siberian Ginseng and black tea; sugar, color E150d, natural flavors, citric acid, oil: cardamom, eucalyptus, lemon; preservative sodium benzoate.

Energy value: 40 kcal per 100g

It is time to try refreshingly unique Russian Baikal soft drink

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Baikal Lake probably the most famous Russian lake and also the deepest in the world. This drink was the Soviet answer to western colas. The caramel-colored Baikal Russian soda - it’s more like sweetened herbal tea with a hint of pine, since the main ingredient is Eleutherococcus senticosus, known as Siberian ginseng. It also has eucalyptus and cardamom oils, adding to its unique taste.

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Pine! Everyone who has tried this says the first thing they think of is PINE! It is my favorite. I always order each time I order from RussianFoodsUSA! Goes great as a mixer for Vodka or Gin.

Not very fizzy and not as flavorful as the childhood version, but kids really enjoyed it. They call it soda-tea, which is apparently true, as black tea is one of the main ingredients. It is nice to be exposed to different flavors, so I will likely buy again.

I bought a liter of this stuff for me and my friends to try one time. I gotta say, this is one of the better tasting colas in the market. The weird soft texture and pine taste is pretty weird to get used to but the taste is something I cannot say I have tried anywhere else. Its pretty unique because of it, I would definitely recommend anyone try this drink, it does not disappoint.


Приятный вкус и арамат. Не такой "ядреный" как в детстве в СССР

Soda with medicinal taste. Unusually used for those who are accustomed to Pepsi and Cola.
Attention: not compatible with rum!!!

The drink has an unexpected taste: ginger, lemon and herbs. Very interesting taste in my opinion. It seems to be not as unhealthy as cola.

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