Zefir Marshmallow "Sharmel" with Vanilla Flavor, 8.82 oz / 250 g

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Zefir Marshmallow "Sharmel" with Vanilla Flavor Description

sugar, apple puree, syrup, powdered sugar, egg-white dry gelling - agar, acidity regulator - lactic acid powder, apple, identical to natural flavor, vanilla extractMore than 50 years ago, confectioners Udarnitsa created marshmallows. This delicacy was the name of God's tender of the west wind - Zephyr, with lightness, airiness and delicacy of taste. Zephyr "Sharmel" is made according to traditional recipes. In product-based natural applesauce, agar - a unique useful stuff, which is produced from seaweed, egg white. Marshmallow Chocolate "Sharmel" - one of the most popular and beloved by many treats.
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Evelina Mirzaeva
Dec 16, 2018
Zefir Marshmallow "Sharmel" is fresh and has a nice taste. Think this is best marshmallow.