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Marshmallows Zefir Assorted, Belevsky 0.55 lb/ 250 gr
Marshmallows Zefir Assorted, Belevsky 0.55 lb/ 250 gr
$ 5.99
Marshmallows Zefir Assorted, Belevsky 0.55 lb/ 250 gr
Brand: Belevsky
SKU: 3107036

Marshmallows Zefir Assorted, Belevsky 0.55 lb/ 250 gr

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, Apple puree, gelling agent-pectin, egg protein, acidity regulator-lactic acid, sodium lactate, raspberry puree, black currant puree, cranberry puree.
Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
Protein -1.0 g; carbohydrates-79.0 g;
Energy value: 321 kcal/1343 kJ
Shelf life: 3 months at storage temperature (18+-3) C and relative humidity no more than 75-80
Marshmallows are an exquisite sweetness for sophisticated people. Belevsky marshmallow-raspberry, cranberry, Apple-will please even the biggest sweet tooth. 
Delicious taste for those who love tenderness
Zephyr from Antonovka is a classic taste of Belevsky's most delicate delicacy. It has an airy structure, light weight and low calorie content. After the first bite of dessert, it is impossible not to fall in love! It fascinates and excites! Its taste is imbued with harmony, and a subtle aroma with creamy-sweet notes, which exudes the most delicate sweet clouds-pads, is able to conquer even those who do not like sweet!
This effect is created because Belevsky marshmallow (for children, this delicacy is also completely harmless – you can treat little fidgets!) it has a unique cooking technology:
  • created exclusively manually by a small number of wizards;
  • the old technology of cooking treats is used;
  • the basis of marshmallows is Apple puree made from local Antonov apples purchased from farmers, peeled, boiled and hand-ground into puree.
Therefore, Belevsky Zephyr has a natural taste, delicate texture, impeccable quality and light acidity, which distinguishes "Antonovka". This sweetness will delight both children and adults. The dessert will decorate both the festive and weekday table, lift the mood and charm with a delicious taste, not enhanced by chemical and gastronomic additives.
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