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Stevia Altai, KIMA, 50 g/ 0.11 lb
Stevia Altai, KIMA, 50 g/ 0.11 lb
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Stevia Altai, KIMA, 50 g/ 0.11 lb

Brand: KIMA
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Stevia is 30 times sweeter than sugar, but it does not cause thirst. It is a natural sweetener that does not increase the blood glycemic index, does not affect the level of insulin and can be recommended for diabetics. Adherents of proper and dietary nutrition will also appreciate the benefits of this plant. Stevia can be added to pastries, tea, coffee, cocoa, sweets, marinades and salads instead of sugar.
This herb contains about 50 micro-and macronutrients (K, Ca, P, Mg, Zn, Mn, Fe, Co), vitamins, carotene, amino acids, antioxidants, pectins, essential oils. The uniqueness of stevia is in a favorable and harmonious combination of trace elements and vitamins with low calorie content and high sweetness. Just a quarter of a teaspoon of crushed stevia leaves equates to one teaspoon of sugar and completely satisfies the craving for sweets. It is well soluble in water and beverages, does not form a precipitate, does not undergo fermentation.
Properties of stevia:
good antiseptic;
lowers blood pressure;
strengthens the heart and blood vessels;
lowers sugar levels;
improves digestion;
relieves heartburn;
eliminates stomatitis, gingivitis and other inflammation in the oral cavity;
protects and strengthens tooth enamel;
helps with inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract;
eliminates allergic diathesis in children;
helps with arthritis;
removes toxins;
reduces cravings for fatty foods;
strengthens the immune system;
restores strength.
Stevia dilutes the blood, so drinks with its content are necessary for people suffering from thrombophlebitis. It is scientifically proven that this plant does not cause allergies. Its reception is useful for pregnant women with toxicosis, helps not to gain excess weight, avoid excessive puffiness. Stevia can be given to children, especially those who have frequent manifestations of rash, diathesis and other types of skin allergies. With constant use of this plant, cholesterol levels are reduced, blood vessels are strengthened, blood properties and tissue regeneration in the body are improved.
Stevia inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes, easily destroys them in the oral cavity, thereby saving the gums from paradontosis, and the teeth from caries. Masks made of crushed leaves of the plant will help to get rid of inflammation on the skin and smooth out wrinkles.
Unlike synthetic sweeteners that are added to confectionery, stevia does not increase blood sugar levels and has no side effects.

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