Everlasting Flower, 1.06 oz/ 30 g

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Everlasting Flower Description

Everlasting flower is a biologically active food supplement, a source of flavonoids (including apigenin), tannins.
It is recommended for acute and chronic diseases of the liver, gallbladder, with cholecystitis and hepatitis. In traditional medicine it is used for jaundice, dropsy, cirrhosis of the liver, gallstones and kidney stones, for colds, bronchitis, leucorrhoea, ascariasis, in various skin diseases (ringworm etc.)
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Very powerful. I often struggle to fall asleep but this tea not only put me to sleep within minutes of drinking it, but the entire next day I was sooo sedated. I didn't feel sluggish, though. It was a new experience for me: Kind of like feeling mentally clear but very wholeheartedly willing to rest and just be mindful of everything. A little bit goes a long way! I've had a lot of unpleasant gallbladder-kidney-liver symptoms (incontinence being 1), which I noticed an eradication of the following day. So, yes.. This works for me :)