Amish Kefir Fresh Made, 32 oz / 0.94 L

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Fresh Made

Amish Kefir Fresh Made Description

In conformity with generally accepted definition kefir is s a fermented milk product enriched by certain bacteria.
But such routine and plain words are hardly relevant to the unique useful properties of Amish Kefir inasmuch as it is not just an ordinary product!
This kefir is manufactured by Fresh Made, one of the USA most prosperous companies involved in dairy industry and in particular in the production of sour-milk beverages.
The initial and most ambitious goal of the company has been creation of the highest quality dairy products! And to meet this goal Fresh Made makes every endeavor. The company uses only first-grade ingredients and advanced manufacturing technologies.
The facilities of Fresh Made are situated adjacently Amish Country. Amish farms are known world-wide for their extremely healthy and natural products. Within less than 12 hours, the cows are milked; the milk is delivered to the plant of Fresh Made!
Try delicate and wholesome Amish Kefir and make sure that this is the most natural and healthy product you have ever tried. Its useful properties begin to reveal immediately! The effect is already evident after two weeks!

Amish Kefir Fresh Made, 32 oz / 0.94 L
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Highly recommend this Kefir for mamy good things, especially for digestive problems.