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Vegetable Lecho, Tamara, 700 g/ 1.54 lb
Vegetable Lecho, Tamara, 700 g/ 1.54 lb
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Vegetable Lecho, Tamara, 700 g/ 1.54 lb

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Lecho Tamara is a versatile dish that can be served as a side dish, as an appetizer, or even as a separate main dish. It contains only sweet Bell peppers, tomatoes, herbs and spices, so lecho is not only a delicious dish with which you can dilute the diet, but also useful for the entire human body. In addition, this conservation is available to everyone.
Lecho from Bulgarian sweet pepper is an excellent dish on the table, if guests come to you without warning or if you do not want to cook something more refined, which requires effort and time. Lecho from Armenia is known to everyone, thanks to its unsurpassed taste and alluring aroma. Having once tried lecho from the manufacturer Tamara, you will remain loyal to him and will not want to buy this product or any other brand.
For lecho, only high-quality and natural products are used, which are selected immediately after collection. This guarantees the taste, aroma and quality of the manufactured products. It is worth noting that the composition does not include absolutely no dyes, flavors and preservatives, which are harmful to health, therefore, products from Tamar can be eaten not only by adults, but also by children.

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