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Seaweed Salad, Universis, 15.5oz / 440g
Seaweed Salad, Universis, 15.5oz / 440g
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Seaweed Salad, Universis, 15.5oz / 440g
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Seaweed Salad, Universis, 15.5oz / 440g



Sea gifts on the table-useful, delicious and affordable
Seafood is rich in vitamins and trace elements, without which the human body is not able to be absolutely healthy. Seaweed salad should be included in the diet of every person. This product is especially useful in the cold autumn-winter period.
Benefits for humans
Seaweed salad is rich in iodine and potassium. It contains a lot of vitamin C and useful dietary fiber.
"Sea ginseng" - so in Ancient China, sea cabbage was called for its healing qualities. Today, these canned goods are available to everyone.
Canned salad is characterized by its natural composition and the absence of harmful additives.
This low-calorie dish contains: protein-1g, fat-10g carbohydrates-7G. 
Also in a jar with salad contains: onions, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, spices, a little acetic acid.
If someone doesn't like sea salad in cans, then they just haven't tried it.
Pleasant taste, piquant sourness and barely perceptible, but whet your appetite flavor-this is something that will appeal to many.
You can serve canned salad in addition to any dish.
It goes well with other foods and can serve as one of the ingredients of a festive snack.
According to reviews, this product is good in addition to boiled or baked potatoes.

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