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Eggplants with Adjika
Eggplants with Adjika "Georgian Style", 12 oz/ 530 g
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Eggplants with Adjika
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Eggplants with Adjika "Georgian Style", 12 oz/ 530 g

Brand: Garden made


Eggplants with adjika is a traditional Georgian dish.
It is used as a starter to main courses, and especially with a drink of spirit.

Dedicated to lovers of spicy food!

Awesome eggplant in adjika for the winter-a universal snack.
You can eat it as an independent dish or as a spread on bread.
You can serve it with pasta, meat dishes, fish, baked potatoes – Yes, for anything!

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I love the taste of it.

Almost better then homemade ,addictive as strange as it sounds, creates cravings, must have it !

This stuff is awesome I added
2 Table spoons in a bowl of pinto beans WOW

Very good I’m going to recommend everybody

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