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Smoked Sprats in Oil, Riga Gold, 240g/ 8.47oz
Smoked Sprats in Oil, Riga Gold, 240g/ 8.47oz
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Smoked Sprats in Oil, Riga Gold, 240g/ 8.47oz

Brand: Riga Gold


Ingredients: smoked sprats, canola oil, salt

Smoked sprats are a canned product made from pre-smoked small sprats. 
А golden brown color, a delicate smoke aroma and a slightly sour taste!
Canola oil is a vegetable oil from rapeseed. 
It has a high content of unsaturated fats, which makes it healthy. The oil is more resistant to oxidation than other types of oils. This quality ensures a longer shelf life of the product.
Smoked sprats canned in canola oil are an excellent snack food. They go well with crusty bread, boiled potatoes and other vegetables. 
Thanks to the use of canola oil, these sprats have a delicate taste and aroma, while retaining all the healthy properties of the original product.

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Very tasty. Attractive packaging. Will buy again.

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