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Pine Cone Sbiten
Pine Cone Sbiten "Juicy Lemon", Taiga Cache, 240g/ 8.47oz
$ 7.99
Pine Cone Sbiten
SKU: 315757

Pine Cone Sbiten "Juicy Lemon", Taiga Cache, 240g/ 8.47oz

Brand: Taiga Cache


For coffee, tea and drinks
For baking and confectionery products
For cocktails
It is recommended as an additive in tea.
After trying pine syrup, you will know exactly what the Taiga smells like. Incredibly bright, explosive, tarry taste.
The fresh and rich aroma of taiga needles.
Viscous, thick syrup, the color of dark amber, will not leave indifferent even those who are far from forest affairs.
It will perfectly complement your morning coffee, giving it a spicy touch.
Ingredients: pine cone syrup (sugar, decoction of pine cones, citric acid), rosehip peel, sagan dali, cloves, rosemary

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