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Taiga Cache

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SKU: 314841
Salted Ceps Mushrooms, Taiga Cache, 360g/ 12.7oz
SKU: 314279
Pine Nuts in Pine Cones Syrup, Taiga Cache, 420g / 14.82oz
SKU: 314271
Dried White Mushroom | Porcini, Taiga Cache, 40g/ 1.41 oz
Sale- 33 %
SKU: 314270
Young Pine Cone Preserve, Taiga Cache, 1200g/ 42.33oz
Sale- 38 %
SKU: 313912
Taiga Bird Cherry Grated with Sugar, Taiga Cache, 240g/ 8.47oz
Sale- 17 %
SKU: 312931
Steamed Viburnum with Sugar, Taiga Cache, 260g/ 0.57lb
Sale- 25 %
SKU: 313604
Pine Cone Preserve with Pine Nuts, Taiga Cache, 420g/ 14.82 oz
Taiga Cache
"Taiga Cache" is a modern factory for the production of exclusive Siberian desserts and delicacies, which are supplied throughout Russia, as well as countries of the near and far abroad.
In our author's recipe developments, we are based on age-old traditions aimed at preserving the healing properties of the products of its natural components.
When creating our products, only natural ingredients of the highest quality are used, delivered from the very heart of Siberia.