Peach Confiture, 1.52 lb /690g
Peach Confiture, 1.52 lb /690g
$ 8.19
Peach Confiture, 1.52 lb /690g
Brand: Vita
SKU: 3106625

Peach Confiture, 1.52 lb /690g

Thick Peach jam with a light taste of caramelized sugar.
The taste and color characteristic of Peacht fruits.
The mass fraction of dry substances is 61% of BRICs.
Your favorite fruits in baking and just with tea will warm you in winter and sweeten you in summer.
It is made according to the traditional "grandmother's" recipe - only fruit and sugar, and modern production technologies allow you to preserve the maximum of useful properties of your favorite fruit. It is sterilized using a "gentle" technology (the cooking temperature of the product does not exceed +85°C).
Only natural raw materials are used for the production of Vita jams.
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