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Viburnum Preserve, Jam Empire, 550g/ 1.21lb
Viburnum Preserve, Jam Empire, 550g/ 1.21lb
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Viburnum Preserve, Jam Empire, 550g/ 1.21lb
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Viburnum Preserve, Jam Empire, 550g/ 1.21lb

Brand: Jam Empire


Unique viburnum jam is prepared mainly in autumn, because the berries ripen at this time.
The bright red bunches from which it is made provide the product with the following beneficial nutrients:
Vitamin A, which is able to renew body tissues, as well as maintain the beauty of hair, skin, nails, improve vision and strengthen the immune system.
Vitamin C. The amount of this vitamin in viburnum berries is twice as high as in citrus fruits.
Vitamin E is tocopherol, which helps to preserve youth, remove toxins and carcinogens from the human body, saturate it with oxygen, control reproductive function, reduce blood pressure and improve performance.
Vitamin K is an important component that improves blood clotting and prevents bleeding.
Vitamin P, which helps the body better absorb ascorbic acid, and also supports the health and elasticity of capillaries.
Acetic acid, which lowers blood pressure, helps lower blood sugar levels, reduces body weight and is an antibacterial substance.
Formic acid eliminates inflammation and pimples on the skin and is a diuretic.
Caffeic acid is an antioxidant that relieves inflammation.
Butyric acid is a cancer prevention agent that controls the beneficial intestinal microflora and protects cells from various damages.
Palmitic acid is the main source of energy.
Pectin is an indispensable element for cleansing the intestines, cleansing the organ from slagging.
Citric acid cleanses the digestive tract, liver, regulates digestion.
Essential oils can bring great benefits to the entire human body.
Calcium is the basis of body tissues, the main component that strengthens the bone skeleton, teeth, nails and hair.
Magnesium is involved in metabolism, which regulates the work of the heart muscle and nervous system.
Phosphorus is involved in all biochemical reactions in the body and supports the normal development of bones and teeth.
Boron is a participant in energy and mineral metabolism, an assistant in the assimilation of magnesium, in wound healing, and hormonal support.
Iodine controls glucose levels, fat breakdown, normalizes blood pressure.
Zinc improves the condition of the skin, nails, hair, controls the functioning of cells at all levels, normalizes the work of the central nervous system and is responsible for the reproductive system.
Phytonyms are substances that can fight harmful bacteria that threaten the human body.
Tannins that strengthen blood vessels and are antioxidants that can cleanse the body.

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