Ivan-TEA with Thyme, 25 tea bags

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Ivan-TEA with Thyme Description

Ivan-tea with thyme has the following distinctive features:
- excellent remedy for various infections, including cold and flu;
- anti-inflammatory agent
- improves well-being, improves overall body tone
- recommended for use with insomnia, depression and exhaustion;
- a good remedy for hangovers;
- has an expectorant effect, which is why it is recommended to be used for colds with a cough;
- favorably affects the digestive system, normalizes the work of the intestine;
- has a warming effect;
- helps reduce edema by removing excess fluids from the body.

Add 1 tea bag to 250-300 ml of hot water and infuse about 10 minutes. The mixture retains its useful properties and taste qualities when brewed up to four times.

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