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Green Tea
Green Tea "Get Detox", Tess, 25 tea bags
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Green Tea
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Green Tea "Get Detox", Tess, 25 tea bags

Brand: TESS


Tess Get Detox Green Tea in individual tea bags is for everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle.
The blend of natural Chinese green tea and oolong variety is complemented with pieces of freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, as well as fragrant herbs, spices and citrus peel.
It has a pleasant refreshing taste with sweet notes, invigorating aroma.
It provides a detox effect on the body, stimulates metabolism, and energizes. Apple, basil, ginger and cucumber are a source of vitamins and antioxidants.
The drink gives lightness, delicious hot and cold.
Composition: green tea, oolong tea, apple, melissa, ginger, hibiscus sabdariffa (rosella), natural flavor Fresh cucumber with lime extract, basil, citrus peel, cucumber.

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