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Premium Ivan-Tea Lingonberry & Herbs, 12 pyramids *2g
Premium Ivan-Tea Lingonberry & Herbs, 12 pyramids *2g
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Premium Ivan-Tea Lingonberry & Herbs, 12 pyramids *2g



Amazing cocktail of taste and benefits!

Selected Ivan-tea made from the leaves of the plant in the first 2 weeks of flowering.
This natural blend is characterized by a rich composition, selected by professional
herbs, pleasant taste and wonderful aroma.
Cranberries are an amazing berry!
It is used for making innumerable specialties and treat a variety of ailments.
Siberians since ancient times dried cranberries with honey and took it with them to the taiga-tea with it is much tastier!
We added forest cranberries to Ivan-tea and got an amazing cocktail of benefits and taste!
We have carefully restored the technology of creating Russian tea, tea with a broad soul and good thoughts!
Ingredients: fermented Ivan-tea leaves, cranberries leaves, stevia, rose hips, cranberries.
12 pyramids per 2 gr. individual sachet.
Ivan-tea in a pyramid pour 250 ml of hot water 100°C.
Wait 3-5 minutes. Enjoy!

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