Tea Czar Nicholas II Nostalgia (Silver), 8.8 oz / 250 g

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Nicholas II

Tea Czar Nicholas II Nostalgia (Silver) Description

Finest quality black tea leaves superbly blended with the bright fruity taste of just-picked currants and strawberries. A delectable, lush cup with soothingly sweet blackberry undertones, floral notes and a delighting finish.
This tea brings a spring day into the dead of winter or uplifts you in any season. It is light and uplifting on the palate while also rich in flavor.
Tea Czar Nicholas II is a Royal tradition, perfect served in fine China cups for kings, queens, friends and loved ones!
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One of my very favourite teas! It smells so beautiful before, during, and after brewing. This is perfect for any day you may wish to bring the sweetness of Spring into your day. This tea has a very fruity and floral scent and flavour that is perfectly balanced. Follow the brew timing advice on the package for best results.