Gift Box "Siberian Treasures" 3D engraving

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Siberian Healer

Gift Box "Siberian Treasures" 3D engraving Description

Russian temper, good word, healthy product. With such a gift you will be long remembered with joy.
There is a special kind of gifts. These are sweet gifts brought to the house by guests.
The "Siberian Healer" has developed a line of unique gifts that carry, in addition to taste and aesthetics, the key to Siberian health.
Give favor beautiful!
The box is made of glued solid cedar and impregnated with natural oil, which has bactericidal properties and preserves the tree for a long time. 
Cedar is considered one of the most energetically strong trees, so amulets and talismans are often made of it.
It is said that cedar has the ability to harmonize the surrounding space.
It puts the nerves in order, relieves stress, depression, gives a person mental strength.
The surface of the box is decorated with 3D laser engraving.
4 jars from our product line (200 ml) inside. 
What surprise awaits you inside?
  • Jam of pine cones
Jam of cones allows you to feel the unique atmosphere of the Siberian forest, forgotten by residents of large cities.
Thanks to an old recipe, it is cooked as well as a hundred years ago.
Thanks to sugar and water, a thick amber syrup is formed – delicious, pleasant and a little reminiscent of honey.
It is the syrup that turns pine cones into soft marmalades that you can eat!
  • Pine nuts in syrup
The kernel of pine nuts in syrup is the first dessert from the line of nuts in Siberian syrups. 
It is prepared according to the author's recipe of the indigenous inhabitants of the Siberian taiga.
According to which, using selected core with the strongest cedar Pinus Sibirica forests of the Tomsk region. Pine nuts, as you know, contain almost a complete set of trace elements necessary for man, as well as protein, vitamins b and E.
  • Jam of hackberry
Wild hackberry, mashed with sugar - one of the traditional treats, reminiscent of childhood.
This is probably the best dessert that grandmothers have been treating their grandchildren for a long time. After all, hackberry contains a large number of nutrients: ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, potassium, vitamin PP, tannins, phytoncides and flavonoids.
  • Cream honey 
Cream honey with pine nuts is a special Siberian dessert made of natural products.
The best varieties of flower honey whipped with a special mixer until creamy, allowing the dessert to acquire a homogeneous texture.
It will appeal to those who do not like traditional honey because of the characteristic cloying and pungent aroma.
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