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Dried Thyme, Magiya Vostoka, 7g/ 0.25oz
Dried Thyme, Magiya Vostoka, 7g/ 0.25oz
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Dried Thyme, Magiya Vostoka, 7g/ 0.25oz
SKU: 315528

Dried Thyme, Magiya Vostoka, 7g/ 0.25oz



Thyme has a pleasant strong smell, a sharp, strongly spicy bitter taste. Improves the aroma and taste of vegetable dishes, especially potatoes and cabbage. Thyme is indispensable in the preparation of fatty fried dishes: potatoes fried in lard, pork, lamb, meat pates (pork), fried fish, pork liver. Thyme is seasoned with poultry (goose, duck), game, and offal dishes. Thyme is combined with egg dishes and cheeses. Its popularity in smoking products is undeniable. No other spice better emphasizes the taste of lentil, pea and bean soup like thyme. Thyme is used for pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, squash.

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