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Christmas Candy Set
Christmas Candy Set "Christmas Fun", 450g/ 15.87oz
$ 9.99
Christmas Candy Set
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Christmas Candy Set "Christmas Fun", 450g/ 15.87oz



Close your eyes, open the sweet box: the smell of candy begins a real euphoria. 
New Year for most of us is a celebration of childhood. 
Tradition is a tradition - and not for us to break it. 
This means that in these Christmas, Birthday or New Year holidays children and adults as well as decades ago will be happy to rustle with candy.
We offer you wonderful chocolates & caramel sets of famous confectionery factories!
But where came from the tradition to give chocolates and caramel, packed in different bright boxes, barrels, chests and toys?
The ancient Slavs were pagans, and to appease their many gods they placed sweet products on the table of the church.
Special attention was paid to desserts: on the table fragrant smelled of pies with berry and fruit fillings.
Sweets were regarded as a delicacy, so relatives and friends only gave them to children during holidays.
The traditions of the Christian era were not much different from pagan celebrations.
Holidays became significantly less, and sweets became more diverse.
But only in rich houses it was possible to try exquisite chocolate, cocoa and the first candies in various forms.
In Soviet times sweets were scarce. Usually on New Year's Day parents bought several types of sweets and put them in a transparent package. Later there were beautiful cardboard boxes with images of fairy-tale characters and New Year's heroes. Then the production of chocolates and caramel grew.
Sweet gift  - universal solution for any occasion!
Sets of chocolates for all tastes from Russian & Eastern European manufacturers are presented.
Products of world confectionery brands, including original sets of chocolates in gift boxes, you can buy online!
Not sure which of the sets of chocolates to choose?
Find out who's going to give the sweets to.
Perhaps he likes candy with nuts in small boxes to enjoy the treat himself, or prefers a  large set of candy assorted to please everyone.
Chocolate sets of chocolates will be a fitting gift for any holiday - March 8 or February 23, New Year's Eve or Christmas, Birthday or Valentine's Day.
The incredibly delicious chocolate will certainly please even the most avid lovers of sweets.
Chocolate gourmets will not remain indifferent - on the expanses of our online store you can find sets of elite chocolates.
The Main Benefits For Our Clients Ordering Russian Sweet mix at
The simplicity of the selection on the website Reasonable price Delivery to the door.

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