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Chicken Liver Pate, Nasha Ryaba, 270g/ 9.52oz
Chicken Liver Pate, Nasha Ryaba, 270g/ 9.52oz
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Chicken Liver Pate, Nasha Ryaba, 270g/ 9.52oz
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Chicken Liver Pate, Nasha Ryaba, 270g/ 9.52oz



Chicken liver pate is a delicate and fragrant delicacy made from chopped chicken liver. Due to its unique taste and soft texture, it is a popular ingredient for sandwiches and snacks.
The pate usually contains chicken liver, butter, salt, spices and sometimes other additives such as onions, carrots and herbs. During the production process, the liver is carefully processed and crushed, after which it is mixed with the rest of the ingredients and molded into jars or other packages.
This product has many useful properties due to its high content of iron and other minerals. It is also a good source of protein and B vitamins, which makes it ideal for a healthy diet.
Chicken liver pate of various degrees of fat content can be found on sale, which allows you to choose a product according to personal preferences and dietary requirements. This delicacy goes well with various types of bread, crackers and cheeses, and can also be used to make sandwiches, canapes and other snacks for the festive table.

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