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Instant Mushroom Soup
Instant Mushroom Soup "Samy Sup" (for 4 servings), Uvelka, 120g/ 0.26lb
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Instant Mushroom Soup "Samy Sup" (for 4 servings), Uvelka, 120g/ 0.26lb

Brand: Uvelka


Porcini mushroom soup - and that says it all.
But for gourmets, we add that it is with risoni pasta and all the right vegetables and spices so that this culinary union is appreciated.
pasta, mushrooms, vegetables, spices
100% natural
Cooking method and time:
Boil 1-1.1 liters of water.
Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, pour the mixture from the package and cook for 15 minutes.
Add salt to taste. Let it brew for 5 minutes under a closed lid. If desired, garnish with fresh herbs.
Ingredients: Pasta products (durum wheat flour, water), a mixture of mushrooms (champignons, white), potatoes, carrots, garlic, onions, tomatoes, unrefined olive oil of the highest quality, green onions, dill greens, parsley, ground black pepper
Storage conditions: Store in a dry place.
Shelf life is 12 months (do not indicate on the package)
caloric content per 100g is 1440 kJ / 340 kcal
proteins, g 12
fats, g 2
carbohydrates, g 68
fiber, g 1,3
The product may contain traces of gluten.

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A deliscious soup, but I would recommend getting the dried Porcini Mushrooms with it to add. It makes a difference.

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