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Boiled Sausage
Boiled Sausage "Lubitelskaya", Biovela, 600g/ 1.32lbs
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Boiled Sausage
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Boiled Sausage "Lubitelskaya", Biovela, 600g/ 1.32lbs

Brand: BioVela
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Lubitelskaya sausage is one of the most popular varieties of boiled sausage in the USSR. "Lubitelskaya"sausage with slag inclusions had a juicy and pleasant taste, provided with a peculiar selection of raw materials and spices, and a delicate and elastic consistency.
Sausage stuffing for amateur sausage was made from the muscle tissue of veined beef of the highest grade and lean pork and hard ham.
As a shell, natural lamb and beef bruises with a diameter of 90-120 mm or circles with a diameter of 45-65 mm were used, and also molded into an artificial shell — cellulose and cutisin.
It has a lot of protein, it is rich in iron, which is well absorbed and indicated for anemia.
It is ideal for sandwiches, as an ingredient of solyanka and various salads.

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