Sage Lozenges, 20 tab (Evalar)
Sage Lozenges, 20 tab (Evalar)
$ 7.50
Sage Lozenges, 20 tab (Evalar)

Sage Lozenges, 20 tab (Evalar)

SKU: 201690

Contain the extract and essential oil of sage, as well as hesperidin (citrus flavonoids). Together, they create an effect similar to “mini-inhalation” in the mouth, and irrigate the throat with healing substances.

Does not contain sugar, artificial colorings or flavors. 1.5 times less expensive than the analogue.

Ingredients: Dry Sage (Salvia) Extract, Vitamin C, Hesperidin, Essential Oil of Sage (Salvia).

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A wonderful lozenge that keeps you healthy when everybody around you is coughing. I take them when flying and never have a problem.

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