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Zinc Chelate Forte 500mg, Farmgroup, 30pcs
Zinc Chelate Forte 500mg, Farmgroup, 30pcs
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Zinc Chelate Forte 500mg, Farmgroup, 30pcs
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Zinc Chelate Forte 500mg, Farmgroup, 30pcs

Brand: Farm Group


It is recommended as an additional source of zinc.
Zinc is a vital trace element, being the only metal present in each class of enzymes, zinc cannot be replaced by any other metal. It is directly involved in such vital processes as the regulation of fat and carbohydrate metabolism, accelerates wound healing, is necessary for proper brain development and normal functioning of nerve cells, stimulates immunity, increasing the body's resistance during colds.
Zinc affects the growth of hair and nails, this trace element is actively involved in the process of regeneration and renewal of the skin, regulates the sebaceous glands, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and keratin, and therefore it is rightfully called the "element of beauty".
Zinc is also a key trace element from the point of view of reproductive health. It has a significant effect on the production of male and female sex hormones, thereby affecting reproductive function and sexual activity.
Microcrystalline cellulose (carrier), zinc bisglycinate, gelatin, calcium salt of stearic acid (anti-tracking agent), titanium dioxide (dye).
Recommendations for use:
Adults take 1 capsule 1 time a day with meals. The duration of admission is 1 month.
Individual intolerance to components, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

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