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Glycine Active, 50 tab
Glycine Active, 50 tab
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Glycine Active, 50 tab
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Glycine Active, 50 tab

Brand: Farm Group


Glycine active is a biologically active Supplement (dietary Supplement) to food, a source of substances that have antioxidant, neuroprotective and neurometabolic effects.
Glycine has the property of easily penetrating biological fluids and body tissues, including the brain. During the metabolism of the substance, water and carbon dioxide are formed, and there is no accumulation in the tissues.
Indications for use organic and functional diseases of the nervous system, accompanied by emotional instability, increased excitability, sleep disorders and reduced mental performance (neurotic disorders, neurosis-like States, consequences of traumatic brain injuries and neuroinfections, vegetative-vascular dystonia, various forms of organic brain lesions, including perinatal and alcoholic Genesis); reduced mental performance; psychoemotional stress (including conflict and various stressful situations, exams); ischemic stroke; deviant behavior of children and adolescents.

Contraindications pregnancy, lactation; age up to 3 years; increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug.

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